Social Isolation: Day 10

From a Zen Master:
we don’t move
            toward things.
     Things move toward us
so that we might know ourselves.
Real sun today.            Real warmth.
More of us in the park,
            but it’s a big park.
   Rounding the back end of it
I veer off into the grass, make way
            for a frisbee golfer
  and his very pregnant friend.
She cranks up the music,
            Birds of a feather are flocking outside.
He flings his disk.
   Actual birds make all the music needed.
There is an hour most days
            when I imagine fever.
I make my plans     and then
            the symptoms disappear.
There are hours most days,
                        and this is one,
       that open into joy. 
         —birdsong, tree buds, ripples in the creek—
and, yes, I believe this, something
            human toward which they move.
S. Robbins, March 27, 2018

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