Social Isolation: Day 25

Today is the day, nine years ago,
that our friend Cleo was born.
Today is the day the Easter Bunny,
mixing up his metaphors, delivers eggs.
A lucky day, in other words.
Today is the day, many years ago,
that Tom and I were married.
We drove the next day just up the road
to honeymoon in the Falls.
The old Inn’s suite was more
Fred and Ethel apartment
than hotel room—
spinning wheel in the living room,
champagne in the fridge,
canopy over the bed
In celebration of it all tonight
we will don our best pjs,
dine on the finest takeout,
raise a glass to our good fortune
so far, and, dear friends and family,
to your own.
S. Robbins, April 12, 2020

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