Social Isolation: Day 32

We did everything right
today, washed clothes,
mopped floors, changed the sheets,
baked cookies, listened to the governor
be logical and human.
We even took a long walk
by Tonawanda Creek.
I know by now the pink
peeled trees are river birches,
and that the red-winged
blackbird in its branches
chirrups to himself.
I know the creek
isn’t really flowing backwards,
but the cold wind pushing
at its surface makes it seem
as though it’s heading
back to source.
We walk until we see the castle
on the island dog park,
then turn around.
It isn’t a real castle,
just WPA built, like most things
here, of spirit-lifting stone.
Some of the people passed
wore masks, as we did,
some did not. But we were all
outside, doing what we could,
and we found a way through
all the swaddling and defiance
to say hello.
S. Robbins, April 18, 2020

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