Social Isolation: Day 37

I’m putting the world
back together, finally,
one puzzle piece at a time.
I resisted, till now, the urge
to fish it out of the closet.
Surely, I had better things to do,
I thought a month ago.
By now I know I don’t.
Most countries and some states
are cut in their exact shape,
no interlocking pieces.
One careless forearm,
one cat leap,
and it all falls apart.
You can see it may have been
one landmass long ago,
broken up by forces underground.
What holds together is the ocean—
it’s almost all ocean—one
body of water, really,
when seen from above.
We rose up out of it once,
grew legs, trekked across its ice
to land, one land maybe,
at the start. We do adapt
when pressed, learn to keep
it fluid. We find the qualities
within us that can interlock.
S. Robbins, April 23, 2020

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