Social Isolation: Day 42

Why is there something
rather than nothing,
asked and answered
in my morning feed.
Neutrinos and asymmetry.
I’ve read about, but never felt,
neutrinos pass right through me
like I wasn’t there, and through
this house, this planet, always
speeding away from the beginning.
But asymmetry, something slightly
off just enough to matter,
to materialize, in ways
that cannot be ignored?
That I know.
Only today, in an hour, I see
yellow flowers (spring’s first color),
five dark-blue police cars
and an ambulance,
one safety-yellow bird
closing its wings to disappear
in pine boughs, one broken-open
case of cat food on the porch.
I don’t see other people,
just the fading traces
of their having passed this way.
S. Robbins, April 28, 2020

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