Social Isolation: Day 43

I should have been in school today,
and most of the last 49 days,
looking into hundreds of pairs of eyes
waiting for the unexpected.
Today was full of eyes, though:
videos of bright stars
circling the drain of a black hole,
sparking, winking out
before they reached the center,
Navy pilots laughing, like the kids
they used to be, to see a fleet of UFOs
dip and dive, come in close
to look at them, and,
in the woods behind the senior center,
so many trees knocked over or cut down,
but every stump a stage for tiny scenes
someone has set up with their toys.
Cosmos to atmosphere to a small wood
called Walden, to my own backyard
where kits jump and tussle
while their mother glares at me.
We don’t know anything anymore,
teach anything, learn anything
except to pay attention to the day,
not to understand its unexpectedness,
but just to circle, spark,
to look and look and let the day
know that it’s seen.
S, Robbins, April 29, 2020

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