Social Isolation: Day 46

We have to get away
from viral news each day,
rediscover our backyards
and who we are
when we aren’t anxious.
Today we tramp a trail
through woods and down
a muddy hill to see
the eternal flame
behind Eternal Flame Falls.
Everyone here makes the trek
once in life. Today is our turn.
The trail is more treacherous
then we’d imagined.
The steep descent,
the shale creek bed,
slick mud, the falls, all
require our full attention.
The flame itself, a burning
off of natural gas
seeping up through shale,
so tall,
so sinuous in shape,
behind its veil of water.
It’s worth the hike.
But eternal?
It’s only eternal because
every time a hard wind blows it out,
a human being relights it.
S. Robbins, May 2, 2020

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