Social Isolation: Day 47

Artpark today. Tom’s never been,
so as we walk the grounds
I tell him I saw Martha Graham here,
too old to dance but
when the final curtain parted
there she stood, an apparition.
One slight bow, then gone.
And heard Aaron Neville’s sweet voice,
I was born by the river,
and corralled the folk-dance teen from France
we sponsored who stole a golf cart here.
Countless poets,
artists making art.
And, on my 30th birthday,
Bonnie Raitt. Later,
at the Bona Vista, she
and Freebo danced with me.
Well, next to me,
but still.
Times long gone and stage
shut down for now
but some older things remain.
We walk the portage trail
above the green Niagara,
and here and there,
cut into steel, Haudenosaunee
greetings to the natural world.
Sun, moon, stars, earth, 
fish, and birds,
plants and animals,
the teachers
and the makers of it all.
S. Robbins, May 3, 2020

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