Social Isolation: Day 65

Social Isolation: Day 65
Heart so full today,
friends’ stories
and the foxes
lying in the sun,
all the bare trees
suddenly green
and the sky scrubbed blue.
One bird (I’d name it
if I knew) sings the same
seven notes all day,
never giving up
on an answering call.
Three low
     two high      two
slide halfway back down.
Please just sing (its chest
shines gold).   Just sing.
            Sing back.
But that’s the human
in me assigning purpose,
            imagining want.
It sings and the maple
sings and the lilacs
and the lounging kits,
the pregnant deer
because it’s late May
now and now
is the time    at last
to sing.
Sherry Robbins, May 22, 2020

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