Three Poems for Three Good Men

for Harley, Tom, and John
Happy Father's Day

The Blanket
I begin to see
my father
through the spectacles
of his own skin.
by decades
of sun on water
it is marked
like a cave wall
with patterns that could
mean one thing
or another.
He has rare virtues:
thick walls
He retains
in all seasons
a temperature
of his own.
Easy to want
to imitate
hard to grow
the hide
that could blanket
me as well.
Sherry Robbins, from Or, the Whale, BlazeVOX [Books]

A Prince
He is by nature quiet
and can be, when he chooses,
hard to spot.
I would follow him into the earth.
His instincts are sure
and his tenderness innate.
I, like cat and deer, turkey and frog,
come near him
and grow quiet too.
He has no thought of changing me,
nor deer, nor birds,
but we, things as we are,
draw nearer still
and want to change.
S. Robbins, from Readings 
Social Isolation: Day 94
My daughter married
a good-natured man.
What more can you ask?
He’s kind and funny and smart.
He makes a mother-in-law
feel welcome.
Today he sent a photo
across the social distance
miles, his hand on her belly.
“Love the three of us”
he texted, no comma,
and no comma god I do.

S. Robbins, July 2020

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