Social Isolation: Day 98

Social Isolation: Day 98
Rereading Orlando
on the summer solstice
and don’t I change
from woman to man
to the nest the cardinal
built (how?),
it’s old architecture
cone-shaped and complex
so that the just risen
sun shines in at dawn
today—only today—
illuminating something cyclic
and a little frightening.
I had just changed
from a wild thing
raised by wolves
into a student
the first time
I read Orlando,
just changed into someone
with a home and, though
it all felt fecund and familiar
three hundred years ago,
I was too newly nested
to invite it in.
Today is different, though.
The sun stands still,
and the cardinal broods,
and the streets are full
of people who have had enough,
and all our different selves
are rippling under our skin,
and the wolf is at the door
ready to reclaim me, and
I open.
Sherry Robbins, June 23, 2020

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