Our girl had her girl
in the night.
Of course, we couldn’t
be there, shouldn’t
be there. Social doesn’t
get more distanced.
                        push   push   out
There were texts
and photographs,
proud father
inviting us there,
as there as we could be.
                        click   tap   in
Let me switch
to the present, presence.
What I see
is self-possession,
thick hair,
dark eyes solemn
with remnants of your
origins, your journey.
And, just outside,
the California sun.
                        sure   warm   ready
Let me promise
parents who
already, always will,
give you everything,
and cousins, aunts and uncles,
grand-parents, friends,
who’ll give you more.
Let me promise love.
Let me promise that you
will grow into the power
of your name, the name
already written in our hearts,
already glowing 
in the early summer light.
                        Astrid   Astrid   Astrid

Sherry Robbins, with love,  on the occasion of the birth of Astrid, July 1, 2020

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