Letters for Astrid

Letters for Astrid

Astrid, it’s a hot one
today, and someone
is sawing interminably
nearby. You wouldn’t
like the noise. But,
when the sawyer
takes a break,
the bird song!
These are northern birds.
Maybe the ones you hear
in California, peacocks
and condors, are different.
Here there are robins
and cardinals,
red-winged blackbirds,
little wrens and warblers,
And the foxes,
they’ve moved back
to deeper woods,
out of the heat
in their red fur coats.
Hours after you were born
a baby deer
got stuck inside our yard.
I opened the gate
but it kept running fence
to fence in a panic.
So, I went in the house
and its mother walked in,
very calm and quiet,
to lead it out again.
A mother will always
come to get you
when you’re scared.
No fireworks this year
but at night
the whole backyard
and woods fill up
with fireflies.
Pulsing and curious,
they follow us right up
to the back door.
Maybe next year,
you will see them
for yourself.

Sherry Robbins, July 3, 2020

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