Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream
Still water     runs      lightly
   over a soup of
 hard shells and things that bite
runs   imperceptibly   into   swamps
            back out to sea             salinity
   inviting         coverups
Of course, I think of my mother
                        who grows somehow
            profound  in time
   I didn’t give her much
                        when young
She could sing              I gave her that
      but all her maddening ways
  ensured my sense of superiority
a royal gem of a gift for a daughter
She had such a fluid sense of home
   switched houses like a crab
Still a teen, I put a whole country
            between us
never dreaming she’d set up house in me
            start singing those 40s songs
         in me                              stir up the salt
though I am so far inland here
                     stars fade but she lingers on
How at this late stage do I become her daughter,
                                    sing along?
S. Robbins   from Readings

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