The Chase: First Day

The Chase – First Day
Water breaks
and there she blows
gently down the stream.
Alone again
as when a girl
but lulled by internal bowers
never visited.
Jungle greens
and hot pinks
pulsing drawing
me in in in
in the boat
of my body
in a gently tightening spiral
to the spring
the heart of light
and darkness
to meet the inconceivable
her/not her
conceived there
and pushing out
in the opposite
direction double helix
spinning up a whirlpool
of interior
with the first
dull hints of pain
gnawing at the
outer edges
of this direful zone.
And birds, birds
wheeling just above
the bend as warning
just before
the grand god
reveals herself
and bites the boat
in two.

Sherry Robbins, from Or, the Whale, BlazeVOX [books]

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