Letters for Astrid: 4

Letters for Astrid: 4

It might be too hot
for you here right now,
Astrid, though we are
better known for cold.
Overheated friends come by
for quick swims, and every day
when Tom gets home
from work he runs
into the pool
to cool off and disinfect.
I didn’t even realize
he could swim
(it’s not his favorite)
but he makes easy
underwater movements
like a dolphin.
You have many relatives
who love the water.
Surely you will, too.
Right now, that big ocean
out your window
keeps you busy.
You learn so much
these first weeks.
I can’t imagine
what you make
of all that coastal light
or, swaddled in marine layers
and parental love,
the many mysteries
swirling round you
every hour.
S. Robbins, July 12, 2020

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