Letters for Astrid: 5

Letters for Astrid: 5
It’s still hot here, Astrid,
but the sky is blue
with a few fat clouds
flying north.
Tomorrow, they say,
we’ll get a storm.
We love the flash and bang
of thunderstorms
rushing past us
to another country.
We can’t go
to Canada right now,
but clouds can.
There’s a comet
in the western sky
this week. It has
a funny name—
all caps, as if it were
newly smart
or headed in a kind
of new direction,
It’s hard to see here
for all the trees.
You are far west of here, though,
and have the perfect window
from which to see
that big, big ocean
and, once the sun goes down,
to see the comet,
with its tail of sparkling light,
pass by and wave to you.
We can’t go
to California right now, Astrid,
but comets can.
S. Robbins, July 15, 2020

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