A Trick of Light*

A Trick of Light
Not layers, these dense states,
   no sequence of
            time served
            virtue rewarded
   no quest   no rescue
All here, braided. Always here
            and not.
How did it begin?
            with light, of course,
open to a single word
   ripening apples
With fire, of course
            and fuel.
Look up, dazed
   bedazzled, not quite
knowing what just happened,
how or why or where exactly
my feet are planted
beside the rocks, wet and new
to me, beside
this pushing river, ever new.
Look up anyway
beyond the misdirection
of the sun, beyond all thought
of earth and heavens,
beyond story, beyond
the dark forever and the stars.

Sherry Robbins, from Under World
*Out now! Order from your independent bookstore or from Amazon

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