Hide and Seek

I’m half-way there
in a half-way house
sometimes hiding in my room,
sometimes blowing out the walls,
blowing the roof off
with my conviction—some
alchemical stew
of baseless confidence
and putrefying bits of fact.
It keeps me immortal
while others die
on home cooking.
I don’t know why.
Assassins still
come after me anyway,
disguised as family.
And I run, immortality
be damned.
I hide in the tall grass
            and they look for me there.
I hide in the boat house
            and their bare feet shake the dock.
I hide under the willows weeping
            and they part the branches.
I would, craven, throw anyone down
in my place—blood relative or
friend—but they come for me.
As promised.
As written.
They look like you,
and I may, over and over
confound myself by breaking cover,
by running out to meet them—
the price of that reunion!
But, turn the page,
and there I am again,
Sherry Robbins, from Under World, Outriders Poetry Project, 2020

*Out now! Order directly from the publisher,
Outriders Poetry Project
Max Wickert, Director
314 Highland Avenue, Buffalo, N.Y.  14222
tel/fax (716) 882-1642
or from Talking Leaves Bookstore,
or from your independent bookstore,
or from Amazon

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