Yes No Maybe

Yes No Maybe
The mind interferes
            though the day tries to help,
   clear and mild.
O, teach me how I should forget to think.
            The mind aims its arcane weapons
                        at my resolve
   to get to the park, out of my head.
Two believers stop me at the door
    thrusting a tract into my mild day.
            Will suffering end?
                        Would you say…           
o   yes?
o   no?
o   maybe?
                 I would. All of the above.
Love interferes.            Thank god.
            Or I would be savage.
    Love is a stop sign green light maybe.
  Slow down, it says.     This way          Sit
            in the crossroads       compass rose.
 The ladies are so sweet-faced.
           One wears a straw fedora.
Maybe, No, are true answers,
            but    if I mean to get to the park
     today   I might as well say Yes.
S. Robbins, from Readings

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