Meditations on the Anahata Chakra

Meditations on the Anahata Chakra
            of all places
at the heart
            a doubt creeps in
what does it mean to be muttering Sanskrit
tonight             in the dark       in Buffalo
twists and turns of the body
            the body knows
as right                         feels
the truth of what opens there
but the mind   
                        did I?
when was         is          there
some rare winter nights
when the body knows
it stands on the edge
of everywhere and nowhere
            at once
feels it              and gravity
            forgets itself
or         sometimes
when a child in a self-contained classroom
            speaks in poetry—
I am trying to hold something real
heavy                 and it is my heart—
or         when watching—accidentally—
almost anything more closely than is wise:
            a bowl of batter
            a scratch on the table
            a cat
maybe I should erase this whole idea
            turn back
            start over
            take nothing for granted
I keep blowing
                        into this tube
to make
            whatever it is inside
but between breaths
            it falls back
I am trying to hold something real
                        and it is
my heart
Sherry Robbins, from Pilgrimage

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