Letters for Astrid

Letters for Astrid
I think today is very hot
where you live.
Your parents drove you
some miles south
for an ocean breeze.
Here the wind is blowing
hard, and we had rain.
Only two more weeks
of summer left.
When I was in school
I learned the phrase
“equinoctial winds” from
one of the Brontës.
They were three sisters
who wrote up a storm
almost two hundred years ago.
I loved the sound of equinoctial,
a bumpy word that causes
havoc in the mouth.
Every time the wind blows
in September or in March,
I say it—equinoctial 
and picture women
walking on the moors,
long skirts snapping
around their legs.
Moors is another word
we can play with
when we meet
Wind and words
have a lot in common
and so will we.
It won’t be long now
before the wind blows me
down to your new home.
You can tell me then
all the new sounds
you have learned to make.
And I will tell you
my new favorite word.
Sherry Robbins, September 8, 2020

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