Meditations on the Vishuddha Chakra

Meditations on the Vishuddha Chakra
Nabokov was four, I think,
and at some summer dacha
when he watched a drop of water roll
down a green leaf’s vein
and dangle from its tip for hours –
eons even – the watching
his initiation into woods –
I mean worlds, of course –
I once knew well.
I’ve learned not to share
the memory of time slowed down –
so many have forgotten –
nor the way the veil would slip
when I was young.
Long hours of doing nothing
made such revelation easy –
almost easy – but nothing
is something I have forgotten
how to do. Nothing is made
shy by my desire.
Cardinal call, a naked back,
the shock of January air –
I attach myself to these
and everything and everything
calls me Easy. Like “Lo-li-ta,”
the syllables of my name
roll down the tongue
and hang there waiting
for you and you and you
to drink them in, but
nothing does.
Nothing is that easy.
Sherry Robbins, from Pilgrimage

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