Meditations on the Vishuddha Chakra

Meditations on the Vishuddha Chakra
Trying to Be Here Now While Walking to Work at Grover Cleveland High School in January                                         
 a Soliloquy

If I could erase
my own handwriting from the day
then this branch – wet, brown –
against this bit of gray sky,
that wedge of brick school building,
would form what alphabet
of thusness I could read?
Or have you written in some
invisible ink behind even that
physical intimacy? And if
I could fly through brick and branch
and air to find your word
in the nothing behind them,
what could I do with it
but swallow, and dissolve?
No, I have to walk toward the school
behind my cloud of breath,
impatient to be there or somewhere
else so that I slip past branch,
through gray, into brick, all
textured with history, with mood,
the translation botched again,
translator herself your walking branch,
your brick, your sky.
Sherry Robbins, from Pilgrimage

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