Meditations on the Vishuddha Chakra

Meditations on the Vishuddha Chakra
Name Her!
It started—let’s say—
about this time
            twenty-three years ago
reading Graves’ White Goddess
            in a drafty room
the space of the fat book crammed with tiny print
            the moon of my belly
 full with something not yet named
                                                                        but stirring
                                                                        (any night now)
                                          the space of my head full of alphabets
                                                                                                     and prohibitions
               —woman is not a poet: she is either a Muse or she is nothing—
        and I wrote a poem that month about God and Popeye
                                               sharing the same name
    —I Yam What I Yam and That’s All That I Yam—
     in an almost empty room
the cold pacing bow-legged across the bare floor cartoon-like
                             waiting for the water to break
But what’s her name? I kept asking kept
            reading             time running
                  out until finally
                      —page 372—
And indeed if one needs a single, simple, inclusive name
                                  —one needs—
                                                                  for the Great Goddess
         (O Lost Generation Capitals!)
         Anna is the best choice
and there I had her
Sherry Robbins, from Pilgrimage

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