Meditations on the Ajna Chakra

Meditations on the Ajna Chakra
this bare room
holds all my hope
            moon upon moon upon wheels of sun
you’d think I’d be numb by now
to time’s shrivel and swell
            why does each season crack open like godbirth?
at least the walls hold still
            I want to feel nothing
more remarkable than their rough skin under my palm
            eat bread          drink water
like any woman I am made
            to hold all paradox
cold as hell we yet feel the baby kick
inside   and      the day we first present it to the light
            we mourn the sure thing to come
                        ah                    there
I have not kept my thoughts blank
            into so thin a chink it slips
trembling in the corner a messenger
            rehearses his awful news
                        a moment please
before I turn around
S, Robbins, from Pilgrimage

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