Meditations on the Ajna Chakra

Meditations on the Ajna Chakra
    every morning I straddle
            night and day
            sit in the dark
while the man catches the last
            ferry back from sleep
and the cats prowl
                        and wake the dog
and the neighbor leaves in the blueblack
to her job at the wire factory
and the children on the street dream
            it’s Saturday or summer
and the #29 bus shakes the old house
on its way down to Niagara
            and all these     all these
            sit with me
so that—aham
            I am
these                and
so that—aham
            I am
not these
and every night
            we        I           these
reverse the process
            putting the house
to sleep and never
arriving            never
here     nor       there
but practicing
            at the edges of each
S, Robbins, from Pilgrimage

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