The Endlessly Rising Canon of Fall

*The Endlessly Rising Canon of Fall
When the limp green leaves the October sky
loosen into death and our nights are filled
with all the memories we thought we’d killed
the sap of eternal return grows dry
the harmony of the spheres but a wry
mocking music the vacant heavens spilled
into hearts eager to have silence stilled
too afraid of the dark to ever fly
into the gift of its emptiness            No
This end this gray damp chill will always wend
down the dark spiral to a point so low
we have no choice but to begin to mend
our warrior hearts with the made-up slow
warm beat   unstruck     on which we all depend 
S. Robbins, from Pilgrimage
* Friends, today is day 200 of my daily posts, begun in social isolation and meant to continue for a few weeks. Six months later, I find some complicated projects calling for more of my attention. I will continue to post when and if I have something, but not daily. If you subscribe, you'll know when a new post goes up. This sonnet seemed the fitting way to end the run. Thank you so much for reading these poems.

Meanwhile, join me for Or, the Whale, a Just Buffalo Literary Center Adult 4-session discussion group centered on Moby Dick, and beginning October 21, 2020, 6:30-8PM. An optional creative writing prompt will be offered before each session, but the focus will be on the book itself. For more information, click on the link below.
Short bio: Sherry Robbins, a self-diagnosed Moby Dick fanatic, is a poet and teaching artist. She has two books of poetry, Or, the Whale, BlazeVOX [books] (a poetic reimagining of Moby Dick), and Under World (Outriders Poetry Project), two chapbooks, and dozens of poems published in literary journals and anthologies here and in Spain, Portugal, and Canada. Robbins is the only poet invited to read at Seaman’s Bethel Chapel in New Bedford (see Moby Dick, chapter 7) at the invitation of the New Bedford Port Society and the Portuguese collection of the New Bedford Library.

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